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Membership in the LVMPD Explorer program is open to young adults, male and female, age 16 through 20 years, 6 months, currently attending high school, graduated, or who have obtained a G.E.D. The following guidelines shall also be met before approval for membership is granted:


  • Be a US citizen or US Permanent Resident Alien. Those falling under the status of DACA, commonly referred to as the "Dream Act" are ineligible. 
  • Be of good moral habits with no arrest or conviction records for serious offenses, or multiple minor offenses. Arrests, citations, drug use history and other issues that are recent also factor into the selection process.
  • Submit to a thorough background investigation including a polygraph and drug screen.
  • Have parental approval which includes signatures by the applicant and his/her parents or guardians on a general liability release form and a medical waiver form if the Explorer is a minor.
  • Be of good mental and physical health.
  • Have and maintain at minimum a 2.0 or C average in school.

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About the Explorer Program

The LVMPD Explorer Program exposes young adults to a career in law enforcement by matching their interests in four specific areas: Crime Scene Investigation, Corrections, Dispatch, and Police. In addition to the training they receive, the LVMPD Explorer Program also aims to develop and refine qualities such as maturity, responsibility, character, civic duty, and personal fitness.


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is committed to our mission to protect the community through prevention, partnership and professional service. That commitment and dedication extends to the millions of visitors that Las Vegas plays host to each year. I'm devoted to making what I believe is the best police department in the country even better. - Sheriff Doug Gillespie

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